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Author Gillian Flynn's Abode Just Sold For $769K in Three Days

The Chicago greystone apartment of writer Gillian Flynn—she wrote the bestseller Gone Girl—has just sold for all of its $769K ask. In fact, it sold so quickly (about three days after it listed) that the place never even got a chance for an open house. According to Curbed Chicago, the incredibly sought-after three-bedroom, 2,500-square-foot home is "a breath of fresh air" in its neighborhood, as most of the 19th century homes have either been torn down, or "rehabbed in the cheesiest way possible." Flynn's apartment, though, boasts of pleasing combination of much of its original millwork and tasteful updates where it counts, like in the large, marble counter-equipped kitchen. In terms of the furnishings, the place is either majorly staged or seriously lacking in personal style, with pretty but uninspired decor in shades of beige and white. Still, the place does look like if offers all sorts of nooks perfect for holing up and writing. so take a look:

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