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Southern France is an Odd Place for $35M of PoMo Wackiness

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What comes to mind when you think of vacation spots in the South of France: regal estates with cute little Tiffany Blue shutters, tastefully updated villas surrounded by unbelievable gardens, mind-bogglingly gorgeous chateaux left behind by les hommes très loaded fleeing the taxman. What doesn't come to mind: endearingly tacky villas that put a Mediterranean spin on the exuberant goofiness of early '90s Postmodern residential design. Here's one with a $35M price tag, designed by what the listing identifies a "famous architect"; one apparently so famous that they don't warrant a name drop.

Take the tour below, and note the incredible bathroom, the fun orange chairs, the groovy checkered garage, and the reproduction of Gustav Klimt's The Kiss bizarrely hung sideways:

· Waterfront Villa [Sotheby's]