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Bjarke Ingels is Just a Guy Who Likes 'Promiscuous Hybrids'

In a new video short, the ever-quotable Bjarke Ingels waxes poetic about architecture as a rather magical craft that's capable of "turning dreams into reality with bricks and mortar." Armed with a massive sketchpad and thick sharpie, the Danish it-boy explains—complete with accompanying doodles—how all contemporary buildings have an unfairly bad rap as boring. "People have the idea that in the past buildings came with ornaments and decoration, with moats, spires, and gargoyles," says Bjarke. Today, though, the boundaries of what's possible to build have been stretched further than ever before, he says, thanks to "promiscuous hybrids" that combine structures that wouldn't necessarily go together, like a ski slope and waste plant, or a pyramid in the middle of NYC, to name just a few. Hear more on the subject, and enjoy a brief tangent about how much he loved Inception, below:
The Video:

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