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$675K Little Glass Box Brings a Bit of Mod to SoCal's Desert

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Location: Yucca Valley, Calif.
Price: $675,000
The Skinny: There are usually two ways to approach residential architectural design in a desert setting: create a low slung, low profile, super energy-efficient home that literally and figuratively merges with the landscape, or go for maximum drama by shoe-horning a modern glass box in among the scrub brush and sidewinders.This sleek little house by Palm Springs firm 02 Architecture gets around these limitations, preserving the surrounding landscape by floating the structure above the rocky desert floor, and avoiding the dispiriting beige clichés of energy efficient construction by baking sustainable design principles into the manufacturing process. The two-bedroom home was partially pre-fabricated, with the light-weight steel frame bolted into place on site, and the paneled walls and roof hung from the frame. The home sits on a 10-acre lot with expansive views of the high desert outside Joshua Tree, Calif. The ask? $675,000.
· 56040 Nelson Avenue, Yucca Valley, Calif. [Crosby Doe Associates]
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