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Tour a Charleston Home 'Buattafied' By the Prince of Chintz

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Architectural Digest's latest piece on a project by outspoken chintz-enthused interior designer Mario Buatta covers a space he created for one of the "remarkably loyal" clients he's gathered over the course of his 50-plus years in the business; people committed, sometimes for life, to of his specific blend of fabulously over-the-top, brazenly loud finery. Virginia-born "society figure" Patricia Altschul is one of these kindred spirits, and her Greek Revival mansion is the fourth large-scale project she had Buatta work on. Or, in AD's parlance, she comissioned him to "Buattafy."

In Buatta's words, the home used to have a "frumpy beige interior." He turned the dining room into pretty much the complete opposite of that with a Zuber wallpaper depicting Revolutionary War scenes (↑).

Buatta painted the double drawing room (↑) a shade he calls Apple Green, which Altschul characterizes as "very uplifting, whether the day is cloudy or sunny." Like a lot of the homes furnishings, the carpet came from Altschul's previous Buatta-designed estate, but this one he "blithely chopped" in two and divided between each section.

A Manuel Canovas covers pretty much every surface in the master bedroom (←). In the entryway (→) hangs a 19th-century Gothic Revival lantern, and a collection of antique silhouettes.

Visit Architectural Digest for more on the project, and the AD archives for more madcap chinoiserie.

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