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Garbage-Filled Cave Bought for €1 is France's Cutest Airbnb

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After spending three years renovating a troglodyte home (otherwise known as a "cave") in the Loire Valley they found full of garbage and bought at auction for the scarcely believable price of €1, Alexis Lamoureux and Lotte van Riel have turned a wing of it into what might be the coziest-looking Airbnb listing in all of France. (Apologies to a certain Paris home.) Really, the transformation is pretty astounding.

First, the befores, which show the cave home after some 25 years of abandonment:

Photos via Vocativ

Here's the place post-renovation:

Photos via Vocativ

And here's a few selections from the Airbnb listing, which describes a dwelling that "perfectly embodies the troglodyte spirit":

The rate per night? A very reasonable $93.

· This Converted Cave in France Cost $1.35 [Vocative via Country Living]