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Watch Stowe Mountain Resort Transform from 1970 to Today

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Pack your bags, Curbediverse, because for this week's flashback journey into the ski maps of yesterday we're headed to Stowe, Vermont. Stowe's Mt. Mansfield has long been the epicenter of New England skiing, with the first rope tow dating back to 1937. The mountain's first chairlift opened in 1940 and it made national headlines as one of the longest and highest chairlifts in the world. Stowe grew like crazy in the 1960s, but take a look at this map from 1970 and track what else has changed to today.

Here's a trail map of Stowe from 1970 (click to expand):

And here's what the mountain looked like in 1983 (click to expand):

Finally, here's a much more recent trail map (click to expand):

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