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Artist's Near-Empty Italian Home is Both Terrifying and Cool

Intent on letting the "lush nature and the mountains" shine at his Lombardy, Italy, retreat, Columbian artist Juan Lealruiz left the interiors of the compound—which previously served as a cluster of long abandoned industrial buildings—almost completely bare, save for the lightest dusting of colorless decor. Perched on the bank of the Lambro river, the home is actually split up into two houses, with one featuring a large workspace, bathroom and secluded bedroom, and the other "more social" space housing the living room, kitchen and dining room, and a guest bedroom. Between the two, there's probably about enough decor to furnish a (still very spare) bedroom, all of it very, very sleek and striking against all-white walls and floors. Keep an eye out for an enviable fur bedspread, right this way.

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