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Fetching 1770s Farmhouse Claims Many a Presidential Visit

A 1770's farmhouse in Pawling, N.Y. with some very winsome updates is up for $729K after being put on the market for $759K back in July of 2013. The listing text asserts that antique lovers would have a field day here, and all the weathered wood and original stone pretty much confirms it. Lovers of well-sourced historical claims might not be so psyched.

"Legend has it," we're told, "that four Presidents stayed here: Washington, Coolidge, Hoover, and Roosevelt. Which would be pretty cool, if elaborated upon, but are hard to take seriously, given that legends are more befitting a being like Quetzalcoatl than John Calvin Coolidge, Jr. A fun maybe-fact that's stated with a bit more confidence: Madame Curie was a houseguest, and left as a gift a tree that's now "happy and thriving" in the backyard.

What can be confirmed is a four-bedroom on four acres with boatloads of old timey charm and a "large barn (easily readied for horses ), a teahouse, and summer guest cottage." Check it out below:

· 82 South Quaker Hill Road [Estately]