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And Now, an Uncanny Wooden Replica of a TSA Checkpoint

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New York-based artist Roxy Paine, he of carving a prototypical fast food restaurant out of wood, has chosen the focal point of your travel nightmares as the focus of his latest uncanny, all-wood, near-life-size diorama. Showing till October 18 at New York's Marianne Boesky Gallery, "Checkpoint" is Paine's attempt to distill the TSA checkpoint down to its most basic elements, bland office chairs and all. The level of detail is pretty astounding; one bin holds a pair of tennis shoes, while another is frozen pushing back the flaps on its way into an X-ray machine.

Speaking to Wallpaper, Paine describes the goal of rendering a "machinery for processing humanity" entirely in wood as being akin to a translation "between two disparate and seemingly incompatible languages." Below, check out his latest "conglomeration of places, representative of all, but specifically none."

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