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China Makes Special Sidewalk Lanes for Smartphone Addicts

One city in China is trying to make the increasingly difficult task of walking on the sidewalk easier for all involved, by giving smartphone addicts their own sidewalk lane. According to a Chinese publication, a place in the city of Chongqing known as "Foreigner Street" is now home to signs and street markings dividing the sidewalk into cellphone and no-cellphone sections.

As Gizmodo points out, this specific method of refitting public areas for incorrigible texters was pioneered in jest by the National Geographic Channel's Mind Over Masses show, which marked off a section of a D.C. sidewalk back in July, only to report that phone people were too glued to their screens to take notice. With "distracted walking" injuries on the rise, add in a few padded lampposts, and this could be a preview of City Sidewalk 2.0.

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