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Ari Gold's House from Entourage is Gaming for a Pretty Profit

The lovely little red-door'd house from '50s sitcom The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and, some 50 years later, HBO's Entourage, where it played the home of Ari Gold, everyone's favorite fictional neurotic jerkbag movie agent, is back on the market, and the new owners are seeking a flip with a pretty hefty price increase. The home was listed for $4,995,000 all the way back in October of 2010, after which a few price adjustments saw it snatched up by ANR Development for $3,025,000 in June of 2013. The firm enlisted celebrity go-to interior designer Kishani Perera, and stager Meridith Baer, of HGTV's Staged to Perfection, to assist in sprucing the place up after what the Hollywood Reporter calls a "ground-up remodel." Now it's back on the market, seeking that magical, never-received price: $4,995,000.

Could anything that happened over the course of this purportedly involved remodel be worth such a price increase, or, more reasonably, lead to the realization that this home was actually a complete steal at 2013's going price? Seems doubtful. The new state of the place looks like a pretty classic case of renovation via whitewashing, especially considering that it looked great during the last go-around, aside from the frumpy decorating.

Built in 1916 by architects Frank Kegley and H. Scott Gerity, the five-bedroom Colonial Revival is right next to the former homes of Samuel Goldwyn, Orson Welles and Al Jolson, and is claimed to be haunted by Ozzie's ghost; the LA Times once reported that "one buyer even had a paranormal investigator come in to check that their purchase would be agreeable to the resident ghosts. The answer was affirmative." Maybe he's not an Entourage fan?

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