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How Many Clowns Can Fit in This Circus-Style Gypsy Wagon?

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Upon hearing the news that his first grandchild was on the way, extremely thoughtful grandfather-to-be and New Zealand landscape photographer Declan O'Neill decided to build "a child's playhouse with a magical twist" in the form of a sturdy, circus-themed gypsy caravan. Determined to create something that could be passed from generation to generation—"I wanted to give my granddaughter something that wasn't made of plastic and may fall apart after a few years," says O'Neill—the small structure has a redwood roof, a body built from totara, macrocarpa, redwood, elm and pine that's been sourced from from local, sustainable forests, and a frame made from large hoops.

Inside, there's just enough room for a small bed and play space—all done up in bright murals—as well as a "secret room" under the sleeping area that's painted to look like a tiny Noah's Arc scene. Take a closer look at the sweetest little home to join the gypsy caravan ranks, this way.

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