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Who Thought an 'Austere' Kindergarten Was a Good Idea?

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While the Kunterbunt kindergarten in Babenhausen, Germany, is many things—elegant, sleek, and fiendishly loyal to a "distinctive gray and yellow color palette," to name just a few—it is certainly not the most child-friendly bit of architecture on the planet. Sure, there are plenty of minimalist leaning schools out there that don't necessarily repel all children with their austerity, but they generally at least offer a hint of color or a quirky little accent to soften the look up, like a heavy dose of astroturf, a rippling roof, or a few strips of neon. Instead, local firm Ecker Architekten slices and dices the space with slim glass hallways, perforated second floor hallways, and a very cool but highly unsafe spiral staircase. Basically, maybe after what promises to be a short-lived stint as a kindergarden, this hip space can become a club something. Take a look:

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