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Super Cute Log Cabin Has Weathered Some Odd Renovations

Built in 1790, the Stevens Log House of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania survived the Civil War only to be faced with a slow onslaught of renovations that rendered it a mixed bag of changes from different eras. To be sure, there's a lot to appreciate here, especially for a reduced ask of $150K—down from $175K after changing hands in 2001 for $89K—but while that price nabs, for example, a very righteous set of weathered ceiling beams, a buyer would have to accept the fact that some now have modern recessed lighting fixtures set in them.

The online marketing material claims that the home was once owned by Radical Republican congressman Thaddeus Stevens, and later his housekeeper Lydia Smith, who bought it with the inheritance she received upon his death. A plaque on the outside describes it as a "fine, intact example of early 19th century village life with few amenities." For better and for worse, there are now a lot more.

· 138 West Middle Street [Estately]