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286-Year-Old Nantucket House Has a Very 2014 Price Tag

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According to the listing for this circa-1728 abode in Nantucket's old historic district, the 4BR, 3.5BA is "an original Quaker house." It's unclear whether that means 47 Center Street served as an actual a meetinghouse, or if the architecture just embodies "the ideals of simplicity, plainness, and equality." Either way, these days, the kitchen is chock-full of top-of-the-line appliances and the 2,576-square-footer has "modern utilities including central AC."

The property was built 286 years ago for Damaris Coffin, daughter of William and Dorcas (Starbuck) Gayer and widow of Nathaniel, a sea captain. Nowadays, the old-meets-new digs feature the original wide pine flooring, six working fireplaces, a roofwalk, pine-paneled sitting rooms, and harbor views from the third floor. Outside, there's a side garden, deck and parking for two cars. The very 2014 asking price is $3,175,000.
· Listing: 47 Center Street, Nantucket [J Pepper Franzier Real Estate and LINK]