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Tour a Portland Couple's Green-Roofed Glass Beach House

Organizing 10-foot-tall panes of glass in a curtain-wall frame, Stan Boles and Christopher Almeida of Boora Architects created a transparent two-story home with a heavy rectangular roof for a Portland couple that wanted a beach getaway. The primary goal was to "bring nature in," as one of their clients, Mary Finley, put it to Dwell, which is "really the whole point of being out here"; "here" being the northern Oregon shoreline, near the city of Cannon Beach. She and her husband Ryan, one of the founders of survey development company SurveyMonkey, had their vacation home built from a great deal of "meticulous custom work," with the glass wall system alone taking over a year to make, prepped as it had to be to withstand 120-mph winds.

The couple opted for a natural palette inside, so as to not take away from the home's surroundings, with floors of gray basalt tile and a ceiling of intricately carved and arranged wood planks. To complete this unobtrusive picture, the roof was planted with ferns and native grasses, which Boles says is essentially "as if we literally made a cut in the ground and pulled up the earth so it's levitating on top of this glass prism." Head to Dwell for the full account.

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