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Have a Sleepover in This Swedish 'Jumbo Jet-Turned-Hostel'

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Just in case Airbnb's personal nightclubs, historical castles, and, uh, vans, are all booked up, consider spending the night at this grounded "Jumbo Jet-Turned-Hostel" at Sweden's Arlandia Airport. Sliced up into 27 rooms—including a luxury cockpit suite—the hostel can house up to 76 guests, and even has its own lookout deck on the wing and 24/7 cafe (which serves more than just peanuts, thank you very much.) There's also a conference room that's "ideal for businesspeople looking to have a quick meeting close to the airport" and general air of snappy, slightly retro airline style. "Jumbo Stay is not just a hostel," says the plane's management. "It's also an exciting place to go on an excursion for the whole family and for aviation enthusiasts."

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