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Sexy Vacation Retreat Looks Nothing Like its Farmhouse Past

Tasked with taking a decrepit old farmhouse and transforming in into "a four-bedroom holiday home" set amongst almost a thousand acres of cork groves, pastures, wildflower fields and lakes near the village of Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal, local firm Manuel Aires Mateus built the bucolic and deeply luxurious Casa no Tempo. Clearly no longer allowed to refer to itself as a "farm house," the insanely lovely single-story spread is almost completely white, with massive windows to "reclaim the natural beauty of the rural territory and landscape" and heated clay block flooring. Besides the four large bedrooms, the home offers a separate lounge area and dining room, all of which comes with only the sparsest of carefully selected, highly styled furnishings. "We tried to aim higher, connecting the past with the coming future, leaving out the marks of time, in search for a peaceful and timeless place," explains the design team. See it all, below:

· Manuel Aires Mateus revives a Portuguese
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