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Sustainable Huts Could Help Solve Vietnam's Housing Crisis

In an effort to help solve Vietnam's rampant housing crisis, forward-thinking local firm Vo Trong Nghia Architects just created its "second-phase prototype" of a low-maintenance dwelling designed to be both highly sustainable and affordable to all. Called the S House, the small huts are built from precast concrete, but are lightweight enough to travel via boat, since most of the transportation in the Long An region of Vietnam is carried out by the Mekong River. The double-layer roof is made from a combo of corrugated cement and palm leaves, so as to provide an extra measure against heavy rainfall, while carefully placed gap between walls and ceilings make for natural ventilation.

Inside, the space is clean and simple, with thatched bamboo walls and room dividers to turn the long rectangular space into private quadrants, therefor housing many in one well made structure. "People in Mekong Delta with an average income under £60 per month mainly in cheap temporary houses. Ironically, poor structures result in high maintenance fee," explain the architects. "Therefore, low-cost but permanent housing is an urgent social issue here." Learn more, this way.

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