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Here's How Le Corb's Villa Savoye Looks Ravaged by Graffiti

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"What remains of the utopias and the promises of a better future promised by the modern movement at the beginning of the 20th century?" asks artist Xavier Delory. Armed with this grand question, the Belgium-based photographer begins his Pilgrimage on Modernity series, which is comprised of photoshopped images of famous "monuments of the modern movement," all ravaged by time. The first in his series is French swiss legend Le Corbusier's famed Villa Savoye in Poissy, France, which has been digitally ransacked and vandalized with graffiti and trash.

The latest installment in the storied tradition of irreverently disfiguring the Villa Savoye is meant to make a statement about the starchitect's 'five points of architecture' as well as "highlight the death of modernity." Mainly, it just serves up an odd blow to see the iconic building in such disarray. Check out more of his work, this way.

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