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Glass Box by the 'Ferris Bueller House' Architect Asks $3.6M

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Location: Lakeside, Mich.
Price: $3,650,000
The Skinny: Architect David Haid, the Mies van der Rohe protégé most famous for designing Cameron's beloved modern spread from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, was also the mastermind of this midcentury glass box located on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. Built in 1964 for clients who still call the house home, the design gets along well with the rest of Haid's oeuvre, and owes more than a small debt to the work of that other famous modernist, Glass House architect Philip Johnson. Like Johnson, Haid, who died in 1993, had a great respect for landscapes, particularly the ever-changing reaches of the upper Midwest. Like many of his designs, this place is basically a dollop of glass walls, which offer panoramic views of the property's wooded 2.6 acre lot and of the 200-foot private beach on the other side of the rolling, manicured lawn. Inside: a pristine, open floor-plan with post-and-beam construction overhead and floor-to-ceiling windows throughout. The two-bedroom, which seems to be in very good shape even after enduring 50 years of bruising Great Lakes winters, asks $3.65M.

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