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The Results Are In: 68% Want to Combine 7 of Utah's Ski Areas

Last week Ski Utah released a new map that shows two of the three lift alignments necessary to connect seven ski resorts under the ONE Wasatch concept. The idea is similar to the uber-connected mega-resorts in Europe, as One Wasatch would clock in with a whopping 18,000 acres and 100 chairlifts. Ski Utah also released the results of a survey they sent to 35,000 individual online subscribers that showed a majority was in favor of the ONE Wasatch idea. Curbed Ski decided to host our own poll and these were the results.

We asked readers if they thought ONE Wasatch was a good idea for Utah skiing. An overwhelming majority of voters, 68.8%, voted yes. This aligns pretty closely with the data recorded in the survey conducted by Ski Utah. In that survey:

A high number—77% of the respondents—have heard of ONE Wasatch.

Of those that have heard of the concept, 73% of the overall respondents believed the concept was a somewhat or very good idea, while only 19% thought that it was a somewhat or very bad idea; 8% were not sure (nearly 4 to 1 margin of favorable vs unfavorable responses)

The respondents, by an overwhelming margin, indicated they would use ONE Wasatch once it was completed–71% said they were somewhat or very likely to use it, compared to 25% that said they were somewhat or not very likely to use it (almost 3 to 1 in favor).

So there you have it, Curbediverse. Most of you want to see this thing happen, and now that the PCMR-Talisker lawsuit has been decided and Vail Resorts has backed the ONE Wasatch plan, we think it's only a matter of time.

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