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Zaha-Designed Decor is Here to Make Your Home Swoopier

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No, these are not swoopy new renderings for Zaha's latest amorphous buildings, nor are they aerial shots of a brand new museum or stadium in the works. Instead, these foreign objects are all hotly anticipated pieces from the prolific starchiect's latest home goods collection for the London department store Harrods. Comprised of "vessels, candelabras, and a chess set," the pieces are meant to reference her existing body of work, but on a coffee-table sized scale. "The homeware pieces subtly reference Zaha's architecture," says Zaha Hadid Design director Woody Yao. "You can see certain aspects of different buildings in the various designs." For those looking for something slightly less, uh, subtle, Zaha also recently created a sleek, polished black chandelier for London's David Gill galleries. See it all, below:

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