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Holy Moly, Jackson Pollock's West Village Garret is Delightful

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A West Village apartment that abstract painter Jackson Pollock reportedly once rented is on the market for the second time in as many years, and gee wiz, is it cah-yoot. With 14-foot ceilings, a lofted study, and a distinct lack of splattered paint, the "French style" unit—which, oddly enough, is at the top of a townhouse once owned by Vice President Aaron Burr—was just listed for $1.25M.

Curbed NY deems the place "totally appropriate for an artist because 1) it's a walk-up with slanty ceilings and rafters, 2) creative types definitely use to chill in that area before they got priced out (tear), and 3) there's a lot of beautiful sunshine from a massive skylight." Of course, this being New York City in 2014, the price isn't so amenable to that lifestyle.

But no matter! To the photos:

· Buy Jackson Pollock's Charming West Village Loft for $1.25M [Curbed NY]