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Luckiest Students Ever Call This French Farmhouse Their Dorm

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Infinitely nicer than the cinder block and linoleum affair most modern day college kids are forced to bunk in, and even grander than the golden dorms of yesteryear are the living accommodations for Savannah College of Art and Design students studying at school's foreign outpost in Lacoste, France. Located in a 16th century preserved stone farm house, the Maison Basse—which an informational video somewhat cringe-ily calls "where hip and history collide"—boasts restored suite-style rooms, fancy communal lounge areas, a private pool, vineyards, and a cherry orchard. Take a video tour, below, cancel you're boring dorm makeover, and consider enrolling.

The Video:

· This could be the most beautiful dorm room you'll ever see. [Veranda]