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Airbnb Drops Tiny Plywood Houses in the Middle of London

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As part of this year's London Design Festival, the hifalutin art and architecture blowout happening this week over in the UK's capital, the ever-creative Airbnb marketing team plopped plywood houses in the middle of the city's Trafalgar Square and asked designers to conceptualize "their interpretations of 'home.'" Perhaps it doesn't quite "push boundaries" the same way the aluminum thing—ahem, installation—starchitect Zaha Hadid placed in some water, but giving creative people an empty house almost always yields something fascinating. Take, for example, the spare structure by Jasper Morrison, who created an abode for a pigeon keeper—"who else would choose to live in the middle of Trafalgar Square?"—or the convertible residence (below) by local design studio Raw Edges.

↑ Raw Edges rehashed a familiar microdwelling riff: a one-room place with moveable walls that slide along rails to redefine spaces. "This project is about the fact that if you're in one place at one given time, you can't be in another," Raw Edges cofounder Yael Mer tells Dezeen. "When you're in the shower, you obviously can't be in the bedroom or the living room." More photos, below:

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