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Vince Vaughn Dropped $2.375M on Kate Bosworth's L.A. Digs

Word has it that funny man Vince Vaughn recently paid $2.375M for Kate Bosworth's very lovely 2,890-square-foot estate in L.A. The actress/person who wears really nice clothes originally asked a slightly elevated $2.499M when she first listed in April, but, lest any major Blue Crush fans worry, bought the three-bedroom spread back for only $2.1M in 2005, meaning she won't necessarily have to sop up any tears with her tasteful couture. Inside, the decor is lovely and delicate, with an emphasis on clean white furniture, textured throws, and multiple tasteful photographs of pretty horses, all of which comes as a welcomed departure from Vaughn's current collection of slightly bland, ultra-beige real estate (Playboy-approved Chicago penthouse, of course, excluded.) See all the listing photos, below:

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