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Unrealized Times Square Plans Include a Very Subtle 'Big Apple'

A new exhibition at NYC's Skyscraper Museum takes a wild look at some fairly ludicrous proposals for a Times Square redesign. Reading "more like New Yorker covers than 4.2-million-square-foot plans to clean up a tawdry city center," the hopeful renderings were a response to a fantastically boring design plan by famed modernist Philip Johnson and John Burgee, which New Yorkers deemed too "dull, bulky, and sterile." Instead, the alternatives include a tower in the shape of a person reading a newspaper (probably not on a toilet,) a boulevard-sized bowling alley (dangerous!) and an oh-so-clever apple statue (get it?) by husband and wife team Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown. Take a look at more entries from the "Times Square, 1984: The Postmodern Moment" exhibit, below:

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