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Why Revelstoke, British Columbia is the King of Heli-Skiing

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Since it opened in 2007, Revelstoke Mountain Resort has gradually become synonymous with epic powder, backcountry bliss, and some of the biggest skiing in North America. And while powderhounds from around the world come to ski the resort's 3,121 acres, this tiny town of less than 8,000 residents is also the epicenter of heli-skiing. No fewer than 7 top-notch heli-skiing companies operate out of Revelstoke, making it our pick for all things helicopter related.

Is this the winter you cross heli-skiing off of your powder bucket list? If so, here's why you should consider Revelstoke for all your powder needs:

It's gorgeous. Like so many other ski towns, Revelstoke was originally a mining town that had a skiing problem. Now, skiing and adventure are the dominant trades in a locale that boasts everything from jagged peaks to waterfalls to beautiful forests. Situated on the Columbia River and bordered by both Mount Revelstoke National Park and Revelstoke Mountain Resort, you'd be hard pressed to find a prettier spot to heli-ski, with views of the Kootenay Rockies from every vantage.

It snows. A lot. This part of British Columbia is favored with huge storms and dryer snow than other ski areas to the west. Revelstoke Mountain Resort records anywhere from 360-540 inches each year, while the surrounding mountains (where you'll be heli-skiing) see over 700 inches per year. Need some perspective? Vail sees about 346 inches per year.

It's what perfect tree skiing is all about. For heli-ski operators in Alaska, tons of snow can be a bad thing for skiers; storms keep helicopters grounded because most of the skiable terrain is above treeline. In Revelstoke, heli-ski operations rarely experience no-fly days because the terrain is much more varied. Instead of waiting for blue-bird powder days, snow lovers can storm ski in perfectly-spaced forests for some of the best tree-skiing on the planet.

There are a huge concentration of heli-ski operators. When you head to Revelstoke you have a ton of choices when it comes to heli-ski operators. Revelstoke Mountain Resort has partnered with Selkirk Tangiers Heli-Skiing to offer day packages that start from as low as $829. This means that Revelstoke is one of the few ski areas where you can resort ski, cat-ski, and heli-ski all from the same base area. Famed heli-ski operators Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH) also has a lodge in Revelstoke, with 4-7 day trips and even private heli-skiing options for groups of 10. With a long-standing reputation as the best operator in the business, CMH is a good bet if you don't know which operator to choose.

You can still enjoy a ski town. Many heli-ski operations are in the middle of nowhere. And while we love getting off the grid now and then, it's nice to have a picture-perfect ski town as your base. It makes apres ski a bit more entertaining and allows for flexibility if you want to explore the town's dining or nightlife.

What do you think Curbediverse? Is Revelstoke the best mountain town for heli-skiing?

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