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Disney's Granddaughter Buys Actual Fairy Tale Cottage

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Let's suppose for a second that Walt Disney wasn't cryogenically frozen, isn't hiding out in this Colorado secret lair fairy tale chalet, and magic doesn't exist (wink, wink). Only then can we truly believe what Curbed Ski is reporting, that Steamboat Springs' historic May Ranch has been purchased by the granddaughter of Walt Disney, also know as Tamara Diane Miller.

The property is a dreamy 490 riverfront acres dotted with seven buildings. The lovingly restored compound includes a 1930s barn, river rock fireplaces, reclaimed wood ceilings, antique stoves, and what one can only assume a smell reminiscent of the season's first snowfall. She bought it all for $11.25M, a price that may or may not have included miner elves, talking silverware, or horse drawn carriages. Ms Miller reportedly plans to use the property as an equestrian retreat, though the 2,828-square-foot shop building and snow plow storage shed wouldn't make for a terrible secret old-timey toy factory. For example.

Curbed Ski has the full scoop.

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