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Thin White Boxes by Premier L.A. Architect Relisted for $8.275M

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L.A. architect Zoltan Pali, who was forced off the thoroughly burned Academy Museum of Motion Pictures project earlier this year amid growing tension with collaborator Renzo Piano, has left his mark all over the city, most notably in arts buildings, like the Wallis Annenberg Center and the expansion of the Greek Theatre. His firm, SPF Architects, also designed a number of homes in the area, one of which was relisted late last week for $8.275M.

Last sold in March of 2004 for $4.4M, according to a previous Zillow listing, the home was priced at $8.2M last fall. Built in 2003 for a Scott Oshry, who Pali met after commissioning an office from him in the late '90s, the very narrow home was once described by Architectural Digest as reflecting, in "the best tradition of modernism," the "tranquillity of the natural surroundings while proudly declaring: This is man-made," all on a plot "smaller than most Bel-Air front lawns " that required it to be "built no wider than a Manhattan town house."

Divided into two volumes connected by a glass-enclosed bridge—"It's more than a hallway," Pali once told AD. "It's a place where you can stop and think for a moment and look out, a place for contemplation"—the 6,000-square-foot home has solid maple floors, exterior louvers of limestone, and some sweet wallpaper, all arranged just as linearly as can be. The tour begins here:

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