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Here's What the UK's Top Designers Wish They Had at Home

British designer Terence Conran has gotten Zaha Hadid, Norman Foster, Richard Rogers, and a handful of his other big-name creator buddies to divulge one idea for a timber-based product they've always wanted in their homes and plan them out with help from emerging designers. Currently on display at the V&A Museum as part of the London Design Festival, the creations—executed by Benchmark Furniture, a wood furniture company Conran co-founded in 1983—provide a neat insight into what each designer found lacking in the world of home decor.

↑ Conran's own design was a woven enclosed workspace, executed with designer Sebastian Cox.

Apple Spaceship maestro Norman Foster's modest request (made as a collaboration with Norie Matsumoto) was for a line of geometric pencil sharpeners.

↑ Zaha Hadid, the globe-trotting futurist architect who also wants to fill your home with her curvaceous designs, opted to create a line of tableware with designer Gareth Neal. When she first unveiled her plan back in July, she used the occasion to describe the experience of approaching product design as an architect:

"We have been experimenting in glass, metal and resin and it will be fascinating to explore the epossibilities of working in wood; applying contemporary techniques to a very traditional material. one of the most exciting aspects of designing products is the production process between idea and result is so much quicker than for architecture. This faster timeframe leads to greater opportunities for experimentation and it will be interesting to combine innovative methods and concepts with the natural properties of wood for the tableware collection."

Cheesegrater architect Richard Rogers and his son, Ab, worked with designer Xenia Moseley to create this fun ladder.

Arch Daily has the full list of entries, which include a very odd chaise lounge by sculptor Allen Jones and a full-on backyard shed by clutter-loving fashion designer Paul Smith.

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