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Walls Covered in 10,000 Bones Have Never Looked So Chic

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While a restaurant inspired by skeletons sounds widely unappetizing in theory—though still not as bad as a lot of the insane gimmicks out there that somehow manage to stay in business— this restored 1940′s building, which now houses Hueso, somehow makes the oddball decor scheme work. Designed by local firm Cadena+Asociados, the 2,400-square-foot off-white interior is covered by "over 10,000 collected bones," all framed against painted bricks walls, sky-high ceilings, reclaimed wood floors, and (why not!) a craggy old oak growing right through the main dining area.

Equally attention-grabbing is the exterior's slick ceramic tiling, which "refers to stitching and sewing patterns," in an ever-so-slightly zombie-esque way. Find the full gallery of pale, spooky glory, right this way.

· cadena+asociados collects 10,000 bones for hueso restaurant interior [Design Boom]