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Now You Can Buy a $50M 'Chateau' Just Like Tom Brady's

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For just $50M, you too can live like the Brady Bündch (really the only way to refer to the combined celebrity power couple of Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen), in a Chateau-style L.A. megalomansion that looks just like the one they had built, showed off to magazines, and then sold to Dr. Dre for $40M. It's got the same facade of acid-washed limestone, the same mansard roof; it's also much, much bigger than a breadbox. Yes, you guessed it, this here is another singular design by faux-historical mansion architect Richard Landry.

Back in 2009, the Real Estalker reported the Beverly Crest home was sold for an undisclosed amount, with a final listing price of $31.5M. (Just like the Brady Bündch, this homes first owner, Jeff Bazyler, sold it about a year after building.) Though it sounds like it was pulled out of a hat, the current ask of $50M is actually what the place was first listed for last time around. So this bit of overweening numerical fluffernutter has precedent. Again, that's $50M, for a spec-built home on a huge, sumptuous plot worthy of its French forbearers two whole acres.

It's unclear which was designed first, this one or its more famous counterpart. Both seem to have sprung from the template that is "Landry chateau"; there's another of these for sale in Chicago, and Mark Whalberg owns one, too. A note to mansion builders that want to get ahead of the curve: there will soon be another Brady Bündch home to emulate.

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