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The Coolest Coworking Pad in Madrid is Full of Holes

Designed as a creative co-working space for the cool-office-less people of Madrid, this so-called HUBFlat was carved out of an old 1950s flat by local firm CH+QS arquitectos. Before, the space had what the architects described as "tremendous character," but also plenty of unnecessary walls and room partitions, thus making the otherwise ideal space feel slightly too divided to foster the necessary tech-powerhouse-inspired spirit of working together.

The last minute solution came in the form of a smattering of artfully placed holes drilled right through the retro-wallpapered walls, which created a more open layout, and, its worth noting, look extra funky. One series of makeshift interior windows connects to form a large tube, even, so that nearly every room is visible from one end to another. Find more photos of HUBFlat, plus more archibabble thats either extremely poetic or translated into very broken English, right this way.

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