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NYC's Most Expensive Apartment is a Totally Reasonable $130M

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A penthouse at the top of New York City's upcoming 520 Park Avenue tower will be priced at the very relatable, easy to conceptualize sum of $130M, making it the most expensive apartment in New York City, and the second-most expensive home in the country, at least according to the current list. The 12,394-square-foot apartment will take up three floors of the Robert A.M. Stern-designed tower, right under the multi-story crown that tops the building.

The planned 51-story limestone tower, one of the many star projects poised to change the NYC, will have just 31 units, according to a previous update, with "cheaper" ones starting around $27M, and duplexes around $60M mark. Curbed NY has the full story on exactly how the new tower seeks to out-price its Billionaires Row neighbors. Meanwhile, Monaco developers are hinting at marking a yet-to-be-built penthouse with the neither ludicrous nor hubristic price of $475M.

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