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For a Plain Brown Box, This Home Has Some Serious Views

Surrounded on three sides by traffic and close by neighbors, the Great Ocean Road House in Fairhaven, Australia, relies on a bunch of clever little design tricks to block outside distractors and instead focus on the home's uninterrupted ocean views. Designed by local ITN Architects, the weekend getaway sits raised above the ground, both to get a better sightline with the water and to offer a little private, shaded outdoor space beneath. "When the garden grows, this space beneath the house will become an oasis in the heat," explain the architects. The windowless, timber-clad siding also protects against bothersome noise, and extends out onto matching patio spaces. Inside, the single-story home is equally wood panel-crazy but ultimately pretty minimalistic in design, with built-in cabinetry, and a glassy open living room, and a self-contained "parents quarter," tucked off to one side. "we were aiming for a no-fuss simplicity," explains ITN Architects. "Anything tricky or sophisticated was deleted."

· Great Ocean Road House by ITN Architects
is raised on stilts to maximise ocean views [Dezeen]