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Tour a Barcelona Flat Full of Postwar French Design Classics

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Antiques dealer Miquel Alzueta is such a fan of postwar French designers that he devoted his entire apartment to displaying their standbys and B-sides. Even among the very vintage interiors of collector types, it's rare to find one so committed to works from a specific pack of designers, and even rarer to find one that pulls it off without seeming too museum-ish. Of course, it helps that he lives in one of Barcelona's surfeit of beautiful old apartments; a flat in a building designed by Catalan architect and Gaudí contemporary Enric Sagnier that Alzueta found blessedly free of updates. The star of the dining room, in AD Spain's telling, is a bookshelf that Charlotte Perriand produced for Jean Prouvé. The rest of the apartment has contributions from Serge Mouille, Mathieu Matégot, and many more.

↑ The sofa in the lounge was inspired by Jean Royère's "Ours Polaire" sofa. The stools and chairs are by Charlotte Perriand, and the lamp is a Serge Mouille.

↑ The living room is stocked with a Royère armchair, a Prouvé coffee table, and a Perriand sideboard. AD Spain has the whole tour.

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