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Novelist John Irving's Vermont 'Dream Home' Wants $3M

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John Irving—best selling author of The Cider House Rules and The World According to Garp—and his wife first built this Dorset, Vt., family home in 1989 with the intention of designing a "dream home" that could house both family and workspace, while also taking in some of the best views around. Now on the market for $2,999,500, the 8,300-square-foot estate offers five large bedrooms, a sunny, window-lined office—"the ability to get up in the morning and simply go to work where you live, that still feels like an enormous luxury to me," says Irving—and and a gym with a full-sized wrestling court, all spread across across nearly 12 acres of private land equipped with tennis courts and a pool. Should an interested buyer also want to snap up the comfortable, country-esque furniture, the additional price is available upon request. "It's not only the house that I've been in the longest," says the writer, "but I have to say, it's been a very happy period in my life that I've been living here."

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