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The Results Are In: More Skiers Will Head to PCMR This Year

After the ink dried on Vail's $182.5 million purchase of Park City Mountain Resort, Curbed Ski wanted to find out whether skiers and snowboarders were more or less likely to head to Utah's most famous ski town this winter. Mergers and acquisitions are the name of the game in the ski industry at the moment (just ask Mammoth), and Vail now controls an estimated two-thirds of Utah's most lucrative ski market: destination skiers. So how did the Curbediverse respond to our friendly poll?

We asked readers whether they would be more or less likely to ski Park City Mountain Resort now that it's owned by Vail. A robust 50% stated that they would be more likely to ski PCMR. Only 17% of readers are less likely to ski PCMR this year, and 32% say that the change of ownership makes no difference to their ski plans.

This goes to show that despite fears that a Vail "takeover" of Park City would spell doom and destruction for the Utah ski industry, most respondents view the sale as either inconsequential or as a good thing. Those skiers who buy Vail's Epic Pass are likely thrilled that another top-notch resort has been added to the impressive ski lineup. And even Utah skiers who don't ski PCMR or Canyons will likely see better pass deals and incentives now that Vail plays such an important roll in Utah skiing.

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