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Four Houses Proving That Vietnam is a Vertical Garden Hub

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While verdant vertical gardens are apt to blossom in nearly every city, Vietnam seems a particularly fertile land for architecture covered in flowering vines and shrubbery. Thanks in large part to the industrious folks at the Vietnamese firm Vo Trong Nghia, the city is home to some seriously lush examples of green space and urban design coming together as one. Take a look, below:

1. (↑ and ↓) MM++ architects restored this Ho Chi Minh City vila to "turn the existing construction, a 'pastiche' art deco, into a contemporary villa with clean lines and open spaces." Half of one of the home's sides is engulfed in a climbing gardens, which extends indoors through large cut-out windows.

2. (↑ and ↓) In an effort to add more green space to Ho Chi Minh City, Vo Trong Nghia architects crafted apartment buildings in the vein of giant planters, with luscious rooftop gardens. The entire project, five houses in all, was built for just $156K.

3. (↑ and ↓) Construction is underway for Vo Trong Nghia's insane checkerboard technical university in Hanoi, Vietnam, which will pop tree-filled balconies between the concrete slab walls.

4. (↑ and ↓) Vo Trong Nghia went with a "lasagna-like" approach to the vertical garden by slatting greenery between the dozen slabs of concrete planters. The leafy veil also looks just as cool from the inside looking out.