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Self-Aggrandizer Daniel Libeskind Calls His Work a 'Social Art'

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Daniel Libeskind, the world's premier purveyor of jaggedy things and overall self-aggrandizing human everybody loves to hate, said in an interview with the Commercial Observer that his work "is a social art" and that, when it comes to his masterplans for NYC's World Trade Complex (a project whose developers have since massively scaled back Libeskind's involvement) he is a "composer."

"I've always thought that a project is not about the star architect," he says. "It's about working with all those people creatively. I think, from the very beginning, architecture is a social art."

And: "When you are a composer, you write a score. The composer will not be on stage. But everything that goes on there will be due to a very specific arrangement, and it will have to be interpreted."

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