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How Much to Live Behind the Dolphin in West Yarmouth?

PriceSpotter is Curbed Cape Cod's weekly asking-price guessing game. We provide you with some details and pictures from a listing, you vote for the price you think it is and next week, we reveal the answer. If you've got a listing you'd like to submit, hit the tipline.

What/Where: 4BR, 3BA in West Yarmouth
Square Feet: 2,777
Acreage: .56
The Skinny: We're headed "Behind the DOLPHIN!" to West Yarmouth for this week's asking price guessing game. According to the brokerbabble, "You have passed the whimsical dolphin mailbox and wondered...what serendipity lay beyond this dolphin by the pond?" Umm, nope. Anyway, this custom-built contemporary sits on the banks of Big Sandy Pond and features a 60' deck, a big (as in 25'x25') first-floor master, and a "dramatic" great room with "soaring, white beamed ceilings." As for the rather dramatic decor, there's no mention in the listing that any of it is included in the sale, but one can always ask. Ceramic sea creatures aside, any idea how much they're asking to own behind the dolphin?

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