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Icy Antarctic Port is Of Course by a Zaha Hadid Student

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Given that Zaha Hadid has crafted everything from office mountains to minimalist fountain, in sinuous, organic shapes, it's no surprise to see this serpentine design for an Antarctic research hub come from one of her students.

This undulating design was created by Sergiu-Radu Po, a student at Studio Hadid Vienna, the architect's teaching studio at the city's University of Applied Arts. Similar in shape to Hadid's various super-yacht endeavors, the Transformable Antarctic Research Facility, is meant to sit nestled tightly along the shoreline, with a single wing snaking out into the icy water.

The sleek, inky black floating piece is reserved for quiet research, while the rest of the public space is for "environmental tourists." From the inside, the structure continues to look just as spaceship-like as much of Hadid's already-futuristic body of work, with sky high ceilings, massive glass panels for Northern Lights-gazing, and not a stitch of color. Take a trip to the end of the world, below:

· Zaha Hadid's Student Envisions an Antarctic Port For Tourism and Research [Arch Daily]