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German 'Loft Full of Perfection' Used to be Army Barracks

Long before its floor-to-ceiling glass windows, groovy suspended fireplace, and '60s inspired wall art, this sleek apartment in Esslingen, Germany, served first as army barracks and next as a trendy office space for a local agency. Now, in Loft ESN's first-ever turn as an actual residence, local design team Ippolito Fleitz Group let their "loft full of perfection" hold onto slight remnants of both pasts lives, in both its sizable 4,305-square-foot span and its slightly industrial build. To offset these post-militant vibes, the decor is a combination of unexpected funkiness—keep an eye out for the stacked cube kitchen island and table shaped light fixture overhead—and branch and tree-inspired imagery collaged onto the walls. It still might not look all-the-way homey, per se, but in terms of barracks, its probably the most cocktail party-ready one out there.

· Army Barracks Become a Loft Full of Perfection [Design Milk]