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These Smurf-Blue Boxes House a Brazilian Alcohol Museum

The city of Salinas, Brazil, now has a Smurf-blue museum devoted entirely Cachaça, one of the most popular distilled spirits in Brazil, known as abre-coração (heart-opener), água-benta (holy water), and bafo-de-tigre (tiger breath), among other colorful nicknames. Architect Jô Vasconcellos designed the space, stretching a field of bright color across straight-lined, boxy volumes in a manner that should be familiar to any fan of Luis Barragán.

Spanning a strip of land between two streets, the museum has two largely closed-off sides interrupted by a lattice of concrete blockwork. Vasconcellos describes the effect of the linear layout to Dezeen as creating a space that's "recreated and the perception is changed by the search for transitional spaces, different scales, open areas, gaps and volumes."

Inside, the exhibits include a number of corridor-like gallery spaces and a mirrored infinity room displaying various cachaça bottles extending forever in all directions. Tour the space in full over at Dezeen.

· Cachaça Museum by Jô Vasconcellos has bright blue blocky facades [Dezeen]