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Tour a Dreamy Aerie Once Owned by Swedish Sculptors

Located on the grounds of Millesgården, an art museum and sculpture garden in Stockholm, Sweden, this spacious studio, once home to sculptor Carl Milles and his wife, artist Olga Milles, has the light and openness of a 20th-century artist's pad—with the added quirk factor afforded, say, a glass head. With a little help from interior designer Nanna Lagerman the dwelling once got a dreamy upgrade, one with enough high-design oddities to earn it a spread in the pages of Sweden's Elle Decor.

While altogether light and minimalist, the space is not lacking in whimsical details that brighten up the place. The table-top decor mimic the space's overall glass-prism feel (exhibit A: the glass coin "jar" in the shape of a human head), while, to keep the airy space unanchored, "area rugs" are demarcated with linear, white markings. Add in a snug and easygoing mountain of pillows and this may be a winner for "the best place to be a homebody," aerie edition.

A closer look, this way.

· Inspiration: A Summer Dream [Elle Decor Sweden]