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This Stack of Pancakes Wants to House its Own High-Tech City

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What is it with skyscrapers hellbent on serving as their own little cities, replete with personal ecosystems and enough amenities to make a hermit out of just about anyone? Is this really what the future is going to look like? According to this competition-winning design by Chinese firm SURE Architecture the answer is a resounding, robotic yes. Called the Endless City, the towering stack of high-tech pancakes was designed with London in mind and could apparently accommodate "residential communities, businesses, schools, shopping areas, and even huge parks," with tube-like ramps (think of the water slide potential!) winding around the exterior, as a means of connecting the floors. "London's streets can now be developed both horizontally and vertically in a continuous way," explains the starry-eyed architects. "There is no break anymore, neither between the street level and the skyscraper, nor between the skyscraper floors themselves." Take a look inside, below:

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