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Inside a Well-Curated Home Where Most Everything is For Sale

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After careers in law and finance, Brussels-based design advisors Ike Udechuku and Kathryn Smith spend their days recommending and tracking down rare pieces of vintage furniture, and selling it to a mostly European clientele right out of their own neoclassical home. Called a "a gallery of the living experience," the couple's Belgium residence houses a rotating exhibition of treasures (they change it all out three times a year,) with a current emphasis on midcentury Brazilian design, which will soon make way for this fall's display of decor from Belgium and the Netherlands. Spread across their dramatic atrium foyer, stately sitting rooms, and various grand halls, the temporary stuff is mixed in with "vintage American and European classics" from their personal collection. "These pieces are intended by their makers to be used, not to be in a museum," says Udechuku. "[Our home] is a place to live, work, and entertain—not a showroom or shop. It seems almost incidental that we routinely sell the pieces around us."

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